How to Come Out of Stress during Pregnancy? – Doctor Rifaat Salem

It’s normal to be stressed about the progressions that are going on in your life and to your body, said Dr. Rifaat Salem. But if you’re stressed and worried all the day, approach your doctor for help. Consistent, large amounts of tension may influence your child. That is on the grounds that the pressure hormone cortical can cross the placenta and impact the building pieces of your infant’s enthusiastic improvement. Following tips of Doctor Rifaat Salem may help you to reduce stress.Stress during Pregnancy-riffat-salem-md

  1.  Relax and Focus on Your Bump: It’s beneficial for you and your child if you can relax, so don’t feel regretful about it. Invest significant time to center around your bump. Visit and sing to your unborn baby. From around 23 weeks, he can hear you! This will likewise help you to bond with your baby when he’s conceived. Listen to your body, In case you’re feeling depleted, go to bed early. Your body is endeavoring to sustain your developing child and you require all the rest you can get.
  1. Diet: Eating admirably is useful for your psyche and additionally your body. According to Rifaat Salem MD sound eating routine of omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can lift your mood. The omega-3 fatty acids found in slick fish and fish may lessen despondency. Endeavor to have two parts of slick fish, for example, salmon, fish, mackerel, sardines, pilchards and trout, seven days.
  1. Exercise: Exercise can enhance your state of mind. It’s impeccably sheltered to exercise amid pregnancy. If you didn’t exercise before you were pregnant, now may be a decent time to begin. Make it delicate exercise, however. Try light exercises, yoga, walk, and swimming will increase your blood flow and will keep you toned.
  1. Treat yourself: Laughing is one of the body’s most ideal methods for relaxing. So get together with companions, watch a funny film with somebody, or go to the cinema. Dr. Rifaat Salem says Pregnancy is additionally the ideal time to treat yourself to every one of those magnificence medicines you never ordinarily sprinkle out on. If your knock gets too huge for you to paint your toenails, have a pedicure. In case you’re sparing cash, make your own small spa at home. Be pleasant to yourself. You deserve it.

Tips and Products for Better Sleep During Pregnancy – Dr. Rifaat Salem

During pregnancy, getting a decent night’s rest can be troublesome, said Doctor Rifaat Salem MD. Your body experiences awkward pregnancy side effects due, to a limited extent, to hormonal changes. These blended with other physical inconveniences make resting a repetitive errand. There are, in any case, answers for all. Some critical thoughts and ideas may help you to make your sleep better.

Better Sleep During Pregnancy - Dr. Rifaat Salem

Comfortable Sleep Position: Specialists such as Rifaat Salem MD suggest that ladies consider their left side for different reasons, one of which is enhancing blood flow.

Pregnancy Pillow: Utilizing a pregnancy pillow may be one guide to getting great rest. These pillows are accessible in various sizes and shapes. Some offbeat states of these pillows are U, C and the sky is the limit from there.

Exercise: Exercise can simply add some weariness to your body, particularly when you are pregnant, said Doctor Rifaat Salem. Exploit this and exercise amid daytime. You will rest better during the evening, according to the current investigations.

Products which can improve your sleep:

Soothing Sleep Machine: Accessible from dependable on the web and retail locations, there are spa and soothing sound machines, intended to enable you de-to pressure and loosen up. These deliver characteristic unwinding sounds.

Relax Candles: You won’t know about this, but rather some specific fragrance based treatment candles can help in changing your room into a safe house. On the off chance that the encompassing is unwinding enough, at that point you will probably get quiet rest.

Foam Bath: Nothing can work preferred for an unwinding night over a calming shower. Washing invigorates your body and restores your worn out nerves. Pregnant ladies are constantly drained, so a shower with a froth body wash can help in getting great rest.

These basic yet viable tips of Dr. Rifaat Salem may help you to get some rest amid pregnancy. The better rest you get during the evening, the better you will feel amid the day.

How to Know Your Pregnancy before Missing Period? – Dr. Rifaat Salem

The early signs of pregnancy carry massive happiness into the life of a lady and her family, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD.  A new member to join their family entrancing everybody with his/her sweet and charming grin and activities. lady burning of becoming a mother continues searching for even the smallest of the signs and manifestations that may demonstrate that another life is growing inside her. Following signs, shared by Doctor Rifaat Salem will help you to check your pregnancy before missing your periods.

Dr. Rifaat Salem

Breasts: The level of progesterone (the hormone that animates the uterus to get ready for pregnancy) begins expanding when one considers, and the milk ducts begin setting themselves up for breastfeeding. Touchy/Tender breasts went with shivering and soreness of nipples is one of the early indications of pregnancy.

Spotting: Spotting otherwise called implantation or light bleeding is a typical common symptom showing that pregnancy is around the bend. It happens when developing embryo implants itself into the coating of the uterus. Most ladies don’t encounter any spotting whatsoever while few accept it to be a light period. Therefore, it is recommended by experts such as Rifaat Salem MD that if a lighter than the ordinary period is experienced or spotting is watched, one must look at for pregnancy.

Tiredness: If one is in the initial phase of pregnancy, she may feel tired to the outrageous. To manage the uncommon tiredness and weakness, one must take expanded bed rest, eat a solid eating regimen and take sound rest.

Sickness: A typical early sign of pregnancy is Morning sickness that happens nearly in 80% of the ladies, nor fundamentally binds itself to mornings as it were. They feel sick and nearly larger part of them, vomit routinely.

Bloating: It isn’t at all shocking in the event that one begins feeling that the stomach is swelling out. The expanded progesterone in the body amid pregnancy backs off the procedure of assimilation and cause swelling.

It will be a great thought to consult with an OB/GYN such as Dr. Rifaat Salem if you experience any of these signs to make sure your pregnancy and start taking because at the initial stage there are more chances of miscarriage.

Causes of Stress during Pregnancy – Doctor Rifaat Salem

Pregnancy is an energizing time, however it additionally accompanies numerous physical, enthusiastic and way of life changes that make many, MANY open doors for mothers-to-be to stress, said Doctor Rifaat Salem MD. After all, you are growing a little baby that is going to totally change your life. Although every hopeful mother has diverse wellsprings of stress contingent upon her individual conditions, Doctor Rifaat Salem have gathered a rundown of common causes:

Beautiful Pregnant Business Woman

Concerned about parenting abilities: When you become pregnant, especially for the first time, looming parenthood can hit you like a huge amount of blocks. Since this is an unfamiliar region, it is totally ordinary to stress over whether you will be a decent mother and whether you will know how to deal with your child.

Despite the fact that this dread is most normal in first-time moms, veteran mothers may stress over whether they will have the capacity to deal with another kid or how they will have the capacity to address every one of their kids’ issues.

Baby’s Health Concerns: From fears of miscarriage right off the bat in your pregnancy to stresses over physical development, it is ordinary to feel some nervousness about the strength of your baby. Although it is a smart thought to find out about the symptoms related to serious conditions, this can be a tricky slant.

With the greater part of the data out there (some obvious, some not), it can be anything but difficult to wind up overpowered—which can prompt more pressure and nervousness. Keep consistently in contact with a specialist such as Rifaat Salem MD to frequently cross-check the baby’s health.

Relationship Changes:  Many hopeful mothers stress over how a baby will change their relationship with their partner and influence their capacity and want to be cozy. In spite of the fact that it’s valid that your relationship will transform, it is totally ordinary.

Dr. Rifaat Salem always asks his patients that you and your partner should be prepared for some ups and downs after your fresh debut. What’s more, you might be more inspired by rest than in sex for an initial couple of months.

Fertility & Stress – Dr. Rifaat Salem

Stress affects a lot your body in normal life and but even quite harmful in pregnancy, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. When people try for months and don’t conceive then its worth to consult with a doctor if there is everything fine in your body. A gynecologist such as Doctor Rifaat Salem will perform a gynecologist exam to check if the cervix is fine and fallopian tube is not damaged.

Stress_pregnancy_Dr. Rifaat Salem

The doctor will even check the quality of your eggs if there are not weaken as at the age of 35 the quality of eggs started to weaken and the chances of pregnancy decreased. So the gynecologist such as Rifaat Salem MD will analyze and find the reason behind your infertility. If there is no problem in wife then its turn of the husband to get examined.

Men’s infertility is common as low sperm count is the main reason found in men infertility. Doctor Rifaat Salem told from his experience that the weakening quality of sperm even cause infertility but it can be treated as through advanced techniques doctor take sperm samples and choose a strong sperm and fertilize the egg with the sperm.

If there are no infertility issues found in husband and wife then make sure you are taking proper and healthy diet and if you do smoking and alcohol consumption then quit it today and move forward to improve your health.

Take proper fiber-rich diet, increase green vegetables, fruits and nutrition in your diet. Exercise is also much important to improve your health as it increases blood flow to the body and makes all organs to work properly.

If your health, diet, and exercise are proper then make sure you are under not under stress.  Stress affects your hormones directly and causes infertility so keep your self-happy if you are planning for family and focus on your diet, you will definitely conceive.

If you are going under the same condition, feel free to consult Dr. Rifaat Salem to discuss your case personally and find an appropriate solution to your pregnancy issues.

Get Pregnant – Doctor Rifaat Salem

Pregnancy is the most exciting time but for some couples, pregnancy is a serious matter as said Dr. Rifaat Salem. Infertility problems increasing due to modern lifestyle, alcohol consumption, smoking and poor diet. 7 out of 10 couples experience infertility problems and following tips of Rifaat Salem MD could help couples to conceive naturally:

Get Pregnant - Doctor Rifaat Salem

Best Time to Get Pregnant: You can get pregnant any time but few days before and after the period there are more chances to get pregnant as that is the time when the uterus is open and sperm can easily reach to the eggs and chance of fertility are increased.

Get Examined by a Doctor: If would be great to consult with a fertility expert such as Doctor Rifaat Salem to check examine if there is nothing wrong to conceive so problems can be diagnosed so later you don’t have problems to get pregnant.

Stop Birth Control: If you are taking any birth control pills and have family plans then stop taking such pills immediately as for some women it takes some time for their hormones to return normal, even if you are using any hormonal method to stop pregnancy then stop taking it.

Exercise: Exercise regularly to increase the blood flow to your body. Exercise will make your muscles strong and prepare your body for pregnancy. Overweight is not good for pregnancy so manage your weight and body with exercise is much compulsory.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and Alcohol consumption increase risk of miscarriage so quit smoking and alcohol as the priority if you have plans of pregnancy.

Diet: Avoid junk food and start taking healthy foods and add nutrition to your diet and stick on green vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Diet is the first thing could increase your body immune system and increase fiber in your diet as it will also help you get rid of constipation, the biggest problem in pregnancy.

Hopefully, these tips of Dr. Rifaat Salem will help you to conceive with making few changes in your life. Feel free to schedule a consult today to discuss the issues of your pregnancy and get appropriate solutions.

Doctor Rifaat Salem Revealed Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Miscarriage

A pregnant lady in the first trimester wouldn’t even think about miscarriage, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. Miscarriage is a big loss, women can bear in her life and thinking about miscarriage in advance. can save you from this loss. Doctor Rifaat Salem has shared symptoms and causes of miscarriage along with advice and tips.

Treatment of Miscarriage-dr-rifaat-salem

Miscarriage Cause: The main cause found behind miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities that don’t let the baby grow. Also, modern lifestyle, drug and alcohol consumption, infection, body immune response problems and hormonal abnormalities are also common causes of miscarriage.

How Common is it: Well, the women who know their pregnancy, the ratio of miscarriage is about 15-20%. Pregnancy, about which women unaware, the miscarriage ratio is about 50%, so we can say that there are more chances of miscarriage when women don’t know she is pregnant.

Risk Factors: If a woman already experienced a miscarriage then there are more chances of miscarriage again. Women who crossed 35, have more risk of miscarriage as in this age, eggs started getting weaken. Also, chronic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes and uterine abnormalities also increase the risk of miscarriage.

Symptoms of Miscarriage: The early signs of miscarriage are very similar to early pregnancy such as low back pain, cramping and spotting are the early signs of pregnancy. Sharp abdominal pain, heavy vaginal bleeding and the passage of clots is the sign that miscarriage has started.

What to do If You got any signs of these: If you are aware of your pregnancy then consider proceeding an exam to make sure you don’t have any above-listed signs or symptoms. As said by Rifaat Salem MD, Once miscarriage starts then there is nothing to do to stop it so take care in advance and aware of this loss. Let your doctor evaluate that the miscarriage has completed and you are not bleeding too much.

Miscarriage is not a topic to discuss for most of the women but considers discussing with your doctor in advance so you can have knowledge about it and can cure yourself of this. For online consultation, feel free to contact Dr. Rifaat Salem with your issues in pregnancy.